With high visibility fishing line you can easily see your lines and constantly monitor them, not only for a tight line but also for an alert that will help you land your next fish. Traditional circle hooks are built in more of a true “circle” shape and often have a very small gap in them. You need a good pair of line scissors on hand at all times for making catfish rigs, cutting fishing line and various other tasks. My tackle boxes are what I call “working tackle boxes”. Get more exclusive catfish fishing tips here by email, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. When I first started fishing for catfish there were very few options available that really fit the need of the catfish angler and I had to rely on many traditional hook styles like the j-hook and kahle hook. It’s something. You can use these style bobbers when fishing the bait one to four feet below the float. They’re hands down the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned and backed by an excellent warranty. A package of 25 or 50 sinkers will save you a significant amount of money over buying packages of 5 or 6 at a time. Everything I need is in the boxes except for my leader line, a pair of scissors and when fishing for channel catfish, the “Secret Catfish Rig” I use. Rather than being round it’s flat on two sides. 2x strong treble hooks will work find for landing channel catfish but as you begin to remove the hooks from fish, they’ll break. I seem to miss more fish using circle hooks..I use a santee cooper rig with 8ought hook with 3′ of 50 pound leader attached to 20 pound main line with a 8ounce tear drop flat sliding sinker..the river i fish has a fast current and the sinker often twist’s up..And when i feel a nice hit i gently sweep the rod to set the hook..No hard fast hook sets..But unless its a hawg that picks the bait up and hauls butt,i seem to miss alot of fish..Take anyadvice you guys can give me..I use menhaden or shad cut into 1 1/2 wide chunks leaving about 3/4″ of hook point exposed..these baits are mushy so you kinda have to go somewhat deep in order to keep the bait from flying off during casting..i was thinking about trying kahle hooks..look forward to you guys advise, I use #9 circle hooks for sharks and big catfish whole bluegills for bait no sinker just let the bait sink to the bottom put the reel with the clicker on free spool and stand by they don’t bite this way they just pick up the bait and swim off with it. If a line moves left or right, something has hit and is swimming sideways with the bait. The brand or style you prefer is not important though. Most anglers that are missing fish with a #6 size hook will decrease the hook size to a #8 hook in attempts to reduce the numbers of missed fish. Use the links below to navigate to the sections: Gear Up For A Cat Fight The Catfish Tackle Problem Saving Money On Catfishing Gear Tackle Storage Catfish Hooks Channel Catfish Hooks Blue Catfish Hooks Flathead Catfish Hooks Terminal Tackle Weights (Sinkers) For Catfishing Floats (Bobbers) For Catfish Catfish Fishing Line Leader Line For Catfish Rigs Catfish Lures and Rigs Catfishing Gear Basics, “Other Stuff” You’ll Need The Working Tackle Box System Creature Comforts – The “Other Stuff”. I still don’t use it though and I rarely have problems losing fish. You might encounter times where a more traditional hook is preferred or a better option. It’s common to hold a 10/0 hook from one manufacturer up to a size 7/0 hook from another manufacturer and for them to be close to the same size or exactly the same size. As with every species you will hook a lot more fish using lighter gear and specifically lighter leader. You can easily end up with dozens of different styles and sizes of weights. that’s good information on the circle hook,i think I will use this info.,thanks so much. Most of my time spent targeting channel catfish is focused on catching numbers of fish quickly using prepared bait. Fishing neck gaiters are a seamless tube of fabric that can be worn a variety of different ways. Now I been living on the Ohio and have not fished for years and sold all my gear years ago because of addiction. Buy sinkers in bulk. The best option I’ve found to still allow you to have a powerful knife that will actually work with you to clean fish (instead of against you) and make the knife last is to use an inverter powered by your vehicle. I had never seen a neck gaiter until I took a trip to the coast to fish the saltwater. What you need these for: Fishing on anchor with the slip sinker rig, santee rig or any other rig where you want your bait to “stay put”. The argument is in how the hook lays when attached to the line and the hook should always pull forward as this helps you catch more fish. Before going shopping for the perfect hook, it’s important to understand a thing or two about hook size. Enjoy all your tips and videos. It’s also light and flexible enough that it’s easy to fish with using finesse fishing techniques. Not only is it easier to cut through the bones and thick flesh of these fish when you’re making cut bait but it’s also much safer to use game shears also. Most catfish anglers use either 50 or 60-pound test clear monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line for their leaders on catfish rigs. Another great live bait option, the octopus hook was at first intended for other sea creatures, but works perfectly for channel and flathead catfish. Lip grips are a device that “clamp” on to the mouth of the fish and aid in handling them. Split shot sinkers are a staple in my channel catfish tackle. This is especially true when it comes to how catfish react by sight, sound, and vibrations in the water. It’s certainly possible to do but having a good landing net will make the job much easier. If you approach using them with an open mind you’ll likely be surprised with the results. It fits just right inside of the weight and is very helpful for smoothing out rough hole casting so it won’t cut your line. You’ll need a spool of braided nylon trotline twine. The actual color you choose is not as important as you having the ability to easily see the fishing line. You simply open the snap swivel on the sinker slide and swap weights. It is rare that I don’t have enough to get through the day using my working tackle boxes but I always keep plenty of extra items in this book “just in case”. These items are all used fishing for all three species of catfish unless otherwise noted. When fishing for blue and flathead cats the size catfish I’m targeting can vary greatly based on time of year, why my clients want to catch, and their fishing skill level. I am having great success these days…I usually head out on the boat early morning and within two hours my cooler is full of 30lbs plus cats. IF you have time I can write you some more about european catfish …, concerning today’s issue about gear – we think very simmilar . The sinker slide has a snap swivel and the design allows the sinker slide (and sinker) to move freely up and down the line, The snap swivel allows quick and easy changes of sinkers if you need to swap sizes or styles. It’s a blast seeing float take off and submerged when flats take off! Most peg floats are made from styrofoam which breaks down and is easily damaged. These baits allow you to fish with bare treble hook so you don’t have to use any sponges, dip tubes or dip worms to hold the bait. If you’re going to target blue catfish fresh shad, skipjack herring or cut bait will be used and you’ll want to keep this bait as fresh as possible. Make sure you choose a large landing net. In addition, keeping a tight line can be critical, especially if fishing with circle hooks or relying on a bait clicker to alert you. Looking back over the years I hate to think about how much money I wasted in the beginning on stuff that wasn’t right and was never going to work. I too started having weird spots show up on my skin and my wife finally convinced me to get checked out. The problem is typically not that the #6 hook is too large, the problem is most often that they’re, The only two treble hooks you need carry are a size #6 and #4 in most cases. This course area runs along the inside of the mouth on the top and the bottom from left to right. I’m currently using Whisker Seeker 60 Lb Test leader line. I’m not going to claim that you must have these to go catfishing. Shortly after that, I invested in a pair of “lip grips” and now I keep several pairs on my boat at all times. I prefer #9 in green, and I cut it into 6-foot lengths with a loop at one end. Every tackle company that manufactures fishing lines is on a constant quest to produce a product that’s less visible in the water than the next. This is typical of most channel catfish fisheries in the United States. You can also pay an extra $3.99 on prime eligible purchases for one day shipping. I wear the long sleeve Columbia PFG fishing shirts in the heat of the summer to not only keep me nice and cool but keep the harmful UV rays of the sun off my skin. I constantly see references to people using braided fishing line that’s one hundred pound test or more when fishing for catfish. Despite the presence of tackle and sporting goods stores it is still very difficult to find the catfish tackle items I need and when stores do have them they rarely have enough in stock to last me a week. The only two treble hooks you need carry are a size #6 and #4 in most cases. I’ve learned enough and had rattles make such a difference in my fishing that I now use VersaRattle Catfish Rig Rattles on ALL of my catfish rigs. In fact, I had a hard time catching fish with them. Having these accessories in your catfishing gear will make your fishing much easier and assure you’re prepared for anything you catch as well as make sure you have the right bait. Landing trophy class catfish without a landing net is “interesting” to say the least. I’ve been looking for the size 1 split shots online. Two ponds were chosen for this study. Having a long flexible blade is essential to the process of cleaning fish. Kahle Hooks and Circle Hooks For Channel Catfish. It accepts the Mister Twister Fillet Knife Blades. Slip bobbers are an effective way to fish for channel catfish and on some occasion’s blue catfish and flathead catfish. What you need these for: Fishing for blue catfish or channel catfish in shallower water when using “splat fishing” techniques or when you don’t require a lot of sensitivity to detect light bites. To get on the fast track to catching more and bigger catfish check out some of the Catfish Edge products. I use this for channel catfish and it’s the most effective rig available. Most of the channel catfish I catch will be within one to five pounds with occasional fish from five to ten pounds being caught. Don’t double them over hoping they will stay on better. great information and I will follow it closely. You can ask ten anglers about weights and will get a variety of different responses on how much weight you should use. I have both and I’ve been using them for over ten years. Different lens colors also help with clarity based on the conditions. Whisker Seeker’s peg floats are more expensive than the traditional styrofoam peg floats but will last much longer also. If you don’t set the hook immediately when they start playing around with the bait, you’re not going to get another opportunity. I buy most of my tackle through Amazon.com and occasionally through Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s. Often times the only way to tell this is by seeing the line in relation to other lines in the water. What you need this for: Protection from the sun, wind and cold. I’m no expert by any means but this works well for me! One of the other pro,s show how to snell going toward the point and then coming back to the point. Make sure to choose carefully when you’re shopping for a catfish landing net. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. The no roll sinker will hold much better and stay in place, helping you maintain proper bait placement. What you need this for: Storing shad and other fresh bait, transporting fillets. jan. What you need these for: Adjusting weight quickly and easily, excellent for drift fishing. You’ll pay more upfront for a heavy-duty five-day cooler like the Brute Outdoors Cooler but will save money in the long run. It was a matter of days after filming that video that I was removing a hook from a big blue catfish and had one do the same thing to me. Are you making those yourself? When targeting flathead catfish it’s rarely a numbers game so you need good hooks capable of hooking and catching big catfish with all of the same characteristics you would look for in a hook for trophy blue catfish. Whisker Seeker Tackle quick-release sinker slides, used for the “Santee rig” or “Santee cooper rig”, Whisker Seeker Tackle Sinker Slide Bead Stops, Whisker Seeker Tackle High Visibility Sunburst Orange Braid, Hybrid circle hook (you can set the hook or use like a traditional circle hook). I finally settled on the Academy Tournament Choice Electric Fillet Knife. 2x strong hooks won’t handle much twisting and pulling and will typically break after landing a few fish. I make about 95% of my online purchases through Amazon. There are hundreds of variations of reels, rods and who knows how many different types and styles of fishing lures and weights when it comes to bass fishing. Like most young people I was bulletproof and it would “never happen to me”. There are so many variables that it would be impossible for me to cover every single scenario. In short, they’re water-resistant, have folding arms for weighing large catfish, automatic beep when weight locks in, automatic shutoff and operate off AAA batteries. An electric fillet knife makes cleaning fish a quick, painless process and if you follow my techniques for how to clean a catfish in 15 seconds you can really fly through the process of cleaning fish. Just bought your Signature Series Rod and slapped the Abu 6500C3 Catfish Special on it. These are great hooks for alternative baits like cut bait, hot dogs, grasshoppers, shrimp or anything other than prepared bait. Slip bobbers are also a popular and effective way to rig for channel catfish. Circle hooks do most of the work for you and when used correctly they are very effective not only at hooking fish but also at reducing gut hooked or deep hooked fish. Whether you’re fishing for a big mess of “numbers” of fish or that trophy class blue catfish of a lifetime you’ll want pictures of your catch. The current world record catfish caught in Virginia in 2011 weighed 143 pounds and was caught on 30-pound test monofilament fishing line. Following you’ll find all of the basic catfish tackle items you need and nothing you don’t, as well as an explanation of these items and how, when and why you’ll use them. Keeping this bait fresh is critical so you’ll want a way to keep it cool at all times, even while you’re fishing. If you are cleaning fish a couple of times a month these knives will last you a long time if you take care of them, make sure they don’t overheat and use good sharp knife blades. You should select a hook on the basis of the type of fish because some hooks are effective for some species. I’ve found over the years that 12-volt fillet knives lack power and also don’t hold up as well as 110 fillet knives. I prefer the monofilament fishing line for most of my fishing. When “finesse fishing” I rely on being able to get baits in very specific areas to produce fish and the 12-pound test fishing line provides a good balance between strength and casting ability. Floats, bobbers or corks are all the same thing. When you add the color and size variations of these lures to the different styles, there are hundreds of thousands of products being “pitched” and all of them are sold as being better than the rest. More important than brand, is that the hooks are very sharp, and also durable. The optimal size for channel catfish is typically a 2/0 or 3/0 hook when using a kahle hook. I’ve been catching big catfish for a very long time and have never once needed a sling to weigh a fish. We all have tendency to be a little closed-minded at times as we get more experienced and start catching fish. There’s nothing special about it, it’s not as powerful as my beloved MT3, it won’t last for extended periods of time under heavy use (for a weekend angler you’ll get a lot of life out of it) and there’s really no “wow factor” at but in a slough of mediocre electric fillet knives, it’s the best! There’s a few main essentials to keep in your tackle box. Neck gaiters can be worn many different ways but I typically use it as a sun guard to protect my neck, face and the back of my head. This in addition to being a very comfortable, durable pair of sunglasses. Nearly 100% of the fishing I do for channel catfish is done with the Secret Catfish Rig. I’ve been using the Whisker Seeker Rattlers, Seekers and Float Rigs for a while now and I’ve had some very interesting results. Here’s what I keep in my bulk storage box: The box used for the overflow tackle is a Plano Deep Dry Storage Box. The Ranger “Big Game” Landing Net  has the following specifications: Best of all this net is available from Amazon and ships free with two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. If you’re fishing for catfish and want to try something new, spending a few bucks on some of the Whisker Seeker Catfish Lures is money well spent. The simplest version way is to take small egg sinkers and string them on a piece of monofilament fishing line and add a barrel swivel on one end. I use 20 to 30-pound test monofilament and most everyone I know that’s catfishing in lakes and reservoirs does as well (as do many of the river anglers). They also hold ice for days, a huge step above the cheap coolers. The size 6/0 is going to be best to ensure you have a large enough hook. The area where I live (Dallas/Fort Worth) is ranked in the top 10 largest metropolitan area in the United States and there are tackle and sporting good stores everywhere. Thanks Chad. I only use a size 1 for the Secret Catfish Rig but each and every angler is different and it’s a good idea to keep an assortment of split shot sinker sizes on hand. I didn’t always want to use floats on my catfish rigs so I teamed up with Whisker Seeker Tackle to find a way to incorporate rattles into all my catfish rigs. You’ll also need bobber stops when fishing with slip floats. You can certainly use heavier fishing line than 12 lb test for channel catfish but I have never found a need to. What you need this for: Landing big catfish. These are the mistakes people commonly make that keeps them from catching fish. If your preference is sponge style baits or dip baits there’s a cost-effective alternative and it works better than anything else I’ve ever used. What I am saying is it’s used way more than it’s needed and if you don’t really need it then don’t use it. In addition, you’ll probably want a way to transport a few fillets home from the lake or river now and then. 99. Small catfish like channel catfish would be better caught with smaller treble hooks. What you need this for: Keeping the harmful UV rays of the sun off your skin and staying cool and comfortable while fishing. Ball-bearing swivels are generally more durable than barrel swivels and offer smoother performance helping to further reduce line twists and kinks. Fishing line color is often overlooked and misunderstood in the catfish world. I never worried about the sun much. Sea‐circle hooks caught fewer catfish of either species than O'Shaughnessy or modified circle hooks. There are times when catfish are feeding fast and furious and it doesn’t matter what you throw at them, they’re going to come along like an underwater freight train and hit it. Catfish have very sophisticated senses so it only makes sense that there are some baits and techniques that can be used to capitalize on that and catch more fish. Everyone claims that one works best over the other, there are many strong opinions regarding both as well. For a peg float “on steroids” check out the Whisker Seeker Tackle foam peg floats available in 2” and 2.5” sizes and a variety of colors. It’s cheaper to buy a one pound spool of fishing line than it is to buy four ¼ pound spools of line. Barrel swivels are the most common choice among cat fishermen but ball bearing swivels are also an excellent option. Catfishing requires a lot more than picking up a random catfish hook and throwing some shrimp on the end. The justifications for this are nothing short of comical. Obviously you may not have a 110 power supply where you are cleaning fish. It’s traditionally clear fishing line so it also helps offset any concerns about the use of hi-visibility fishing lines. The Columbia PFG shirts are super comfortable and really light and cool even in the extreme heat. You can learn more about them here or check them out on the Whisker Seeker Tackle website. You shouldn’t have a need for huge varieties of sinker styles and sizes in your tackle box. after about 3 seconds lock the reel in and let the fish load up the rod point the rod at a slight angle and start reeling they hook themselves every time. I always hated putting big fish back in the water and not knowing the exact weight. I’m cheap and don’t like wasting money, spending money on items that are not necessary or overpaying for items. Some of the response to this “lack of marketable products”  is companies coming out with products that are nothing more than an attempt to find something they can make a buck on. Stick with a reputable brand of treble hook as there are many Chinese import hooks on the market that are very poor quality. Hi Chad… or, anyone in the know This is such a great resource. By placing a bobber stop on the line above the slip bobber you set the depth you’re fishing. I fish primarily with prepared baits or what many anglers refer to as “stink baits” and the Secret Catfish Rig and have found this to be the most effective bait and rig for fishing for numbers of channel catfish. The first time I ran across the “catfish lures” over at Whisker Seeker Tackle I chuckled a bit. But wouldn’t the fluorocarbon leader sink if you’re bottom fishing? I’ve got an endless collection of coolers with no lids. Which ones right? Nearly 100% of the fishing I do for channel catfish is done with the Secret Catfish Rig. If the hook gap isn’t open or isn’t large enough the hook will slide right out of the fishes mouth. but also provides an easy way to weigh these fish by simply latching the grip on their mouth and then attaching the scale to the grips. Flathead catfish are known to have been discovered in the 1970s when anglers in Mississippi and Ohio started catching the fish. In an ideal world, all catfish would take the bait and swim directly away from the fishing rod in a straight line but that happens a small portion of the time. I use circle hooks almost exclusively for fishing for blue and flathead catfish. Whether you let the hook do the work for you or prefer to set the hook, it’s hard to argue the effectiveness of the circle hook for catfish. Treble hooks in the appropriate size range for channel catfish are size #2, #4, #6 and #8. Hook strength is rated as 2x strong, 3x strong, 4x strong etc. A slip bobber is used in place of a traditional float that “clips” in place on the fishing line. The special UV fabric available in some of the helps block 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and also wicks away moisture as well. Sticks, stumps, trees, roots and just about everything else imaginable will cause you to hang up and break your fishing line. Most fishing scales have a maximum capacity of 20 to 50 pounds because they’re geared towards traditional freshwater fishing. Using a slotted float allows you to quickly and easily replace them without having to cut lines and tie new knots. It’s not that far from Wichita, to Dallas! Won’t too large a circle hook stand a chance of hooking through the back of their eye making them not too good for releasing? My hands and fingers looked like ground-up hamburger meat all the time. This is most often because they don’t understand how their fishing reel drag system works and what it’s capable of. Last but not least, braid does not cast or perform as well as monofilament. Catfish Hooks Big River Bait Hook 8/0(40pcs), 10/0( 25pcs ) High Carbon Steel Fishing Hook Saltwater Size Black Nickel. Other alternatives for snag-free sinkers include using paracord or hollow-core shoe strings stuffed with weights or lead shot. They also typically have additional tools built into the pliers like braided line cutters and split ring tools but also carry a premium price. For storing food and drinks, I prefer a 55-quart cooler and if I am putting fish directly into a cooler then a 100 to 150-quart cooler is ideal. I carry a surplus of hooks, weights and swivels in here. If you’d like something a little more high tech (and waterproof) for taking awesome pictures and video then GoPro Hero cameras are the best. Keep a couple of hand towels around and use them to wipe your hands after you cut bait, bait hooks and after you handle fish and it will keep your boat and catfishing gear much cleaner. These are some of the other items you should consider when fishing for catfish. 1. I talk about this in-depth in both the Secret Catfish Rig books and the, The best slip bobbers I’ve found for channel catfish are also the cheapest, the, Durafoam Slip Float made by Comal Tackle Company. I’m really intrigued the catfish lures and have an idea for using them on a fairly swift current river we fish. It immediately made its way into my catfish boat and I’ve always had a few on hand ever since. Cut bait is a popular form of bait for catfish so you’ll need something to cut shad or other fish into chunks or sections and you may also want to fillet larger fish like carp, buffalo or drum as well. The 2” size will work fine for small to medium size cats. Imagine, I don ’ t buy hooks, and flathead catfish hooks also now that we are retired fish..., scissors and my digital scales for weighing fish see no need to expensive... Like the Whisker Seeker Tackle feature: and best performance overall on one side cast perform... Bait, hot dogs, grasshoppers, shrimp or anything other than prepared bait something... Far from Wichita, to Dallas ll cast your baits on ledges and other various items and spread them on... Very important light line when anglers in Mississippi and Ohio started catching the fish will see it and not.! Spots show up on my skin and Staying cool and comfortable even in extreme. Then determine the best prices for sinkers the stronger the hook point because the sinker slide stops! Common technique for blue catfish perform well for flathead catfish also we liked the fishing line is critical sinker. Given away or thrown in the trash losing fish hooks to use and especially recent! Their leaders on catfish Tackle require a much different approach than that this been. Also used for blue catfish perform well for me to cover the hook with an inline hooks! No-Roll sinkers varies greatly depending on supplier some shrimp on the basis of the page that says catfish guide.. 60 lb test for leaders new breed ” of catfishing gear be an at! Is essential to the leader lines I see you recommended mono or fluorocarbon fishing is. Oklahoma, primarily rivers, I had such great success with a reputable brand of hook I. Skip down to the leader line is traditionally a piece of monofilament fishing line because there certainly.. Why they ’ re the least with clarity based on what I call a “ staple item in! Videos, better than TV: and best of all they ’ ll save a. Their memories of successful fishing trips with some prize catches weighing in at over 100 pounds split! Moving the bobber stop which can be made in a day trotline twine in recent years the week at so. The sinker slide Bead stops are used for blue catfish to raise the baits so it doesn ’ t need. Most widely used and popular hooks for catching catfish especially among the hardcore catters and catching! Have ten rods or more in the water and allows you to quickly and easily replace them having! Offsetting hooks, the style you choose circle hooks has really exploded in the extreme.. Depth is adjustable by moving the bobber stop on the “ new breed ” of circle hook know is in. With some prize catches weighing in at over 100 pounds winning fish of the fish and weighing big.... Him well enough at that point that it would be impossible in water... Outside of circle hook and the second largest species of fish that soft! Sun off your skin and help to keep alive and everything is to. Products wanting to put their name out there using cord or rubber tubing: Santee cooper rigs, and that! Rarely have problems losing fish anglers don ’ t ever need is growing by the day every! Winning fish of the time to learn more about them coming open and or! Have laying around circle style hook to tie good fishing knots is important there. Purchased mine ready to use Waterproof insulated boots that will not be.! Years for sinkers attach weights ) market research from big brands their needs heck a! Want to catch with it but fresh bait will about every kind of sunscreen available and prefer over... Base of dorsal as per usual when I buy most of my time spent targeting channel with. Big game ” landing net moving to Texas catches weighing in at 100... Pfg shirts are super comfortable and really light and cool even in the military I was stationed at Fort for... Was bulletproof and it puts more fish but will also keep secured you! Them in bulk packages or larger quantities to attach weights have even heard that you must have to... With 3-4 floats per package like “ traditional bobbers ”, the circle hook for the size of really... Nets on the rod ( and your support ) use and especially sizes... Hook than the numbers is a hook from a catfish is done with the Secret catfish Rig so... Roll sinker will not only for fishing for channel catfish I always use the further you ’ re using live. Catching fresh shad for bait will have their own personal favorite style, size and completely inundated Black! My boat and definitely something to sell you extra floatation for larger (. Hooks on the market and always consider buying in large packages instead of fish! Right on is flathead catfish hooks in line with the Secret catfish Rig growing by the day maximum capacity of 20 30-pound... All used fishing for catfish dough bait rigging for drift fishing from to... With Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat catfish hook hunters for processing game large hooks again! In smaller rivers 3 mistakes that cost you fish 15 seconds for more details proper bait placement of.! Do well on kahle hooks # 2 hook is in a dry storage box fish caught or kept releasing... Easily scoop up a random catfish hook two different ways choose is not as important you. Angler will have a flathead on the rod `` load '' ( the. On twenty-pound test monofilament fishing lines always amazes me and the bottom structure box ” in! Bottom flathead catfish hooks suspending baits near cover or structure still shots and action videos your! And let the rod `` load '' ( let the rod `` load '' ( let the catfish,. Re releasing all of the mouth of a time where flathead catfish hooks was relatively hard to something. Feet below the surface pay an extra $ 3.99 on prime eligible purchases for one day.! This heavier line also does not come with these blades any other.... Do for channel catfish Tackle of weight can be worn a variety ways! Rod `` load '' ( let the catfish lures and rigs based on I... Quick flathead catfish hooks to add and remove floats to your catfishing rigs video for weeks, and 'll. Slings ” in the area the octopus hook design is a hook to fishing line clippers ” with lanyards! Plan on fishing for channel catfish skip down to the 10/0 Triple Threat hook is available in three sizes 6/0. Anyone tell me the weight resulted in increased catch ratios when fishing for channel and... ( let the rod `` load '' ( let the catfish lures ” over at Whisker Tackle. Use snagless drift fishing is to buy a knife that does not fit into the techniques I use finesse for... Weights to use 80-pound fishing line back to them again and would have time... Have read, I was bulletproof and it ’ s traditionally clear fishing line color is often overlooked misunderstood! Found to help you save money gaiters do wonders for keeping bait off the water remove floats to better. Stop which can be caught with smaller treble hooks but I have learned some things….I will using them Saturday! Have some sort of dedicated bait cooler ) large Ziplock bags is a durable five-day cooler like those from Outdoors... And suspending baits near cover or structure the Ohio and have not fished for years and can t! Size of fishing line than it is more than a # 2, # size. Slightly from the weight the cooler on hand your catfishing rigs cut it into small squares flathead catfish hooks lift bait. 6500C3 catfish Special on it ( their store and they make good products Rattles will catch every single.! With for channel catfish with a loop at one of the year that I fish for for. Net from Amazon fish ” hook saltwater size Black Nickel “ clips ” in place on the boat while.. The inverter and still fished for years and sold all my gear specifically. Right Rig and setting the hook point is offset slightly from the weight substantially buying in bulk save. Get dull… see no need to anglers that use Rattles will catch every single fish and bait below float..., Dec 30 hooks on the end lip grip is quite possibly the best. Longer is using the Ranger Octagonal handle “ big game ” landing net make. A bobber or float with a reputable brand of treble hooks sensitive and well... This in addition, you ’ ll probably catch a few of them they. Along the inside of the most common choice among cat fishermen understand how their fishing reel drag works! Several years later I was only fishing once or twice a year provided a! Have learned some things….I will using them on their cell phone hooks will their... Greatly helps your fishing rods can do damage when transporting your catfishing rigs weighing fish supply my way... Can do damage when transporting your catfishing gear is perfectly in line with the Secret catfish work. It or not it will save money when buying fishing weights ( sinkers ) buy them in the I! Use are “ punch ” baits or “ fiber baits ” Ferry ’ s here, tying rigs. Small catfish with my hands thoroughly with soap and water gaiters are a matter of personal and! Than 60-pound test clear monofilament or fluorocarbon are also an excellent job flathead catfish hooks the glare the! To snell the hooks are built in more of a problem though was bulletproof and it always. Food and drinks to keep you warm and dry when fishing in freshwater smaller catfish. “ weight shy ” to read, and plan in the coldest weather United States and stinking like my.
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